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Are you a licensed real estate agent that would like to create additional sources of leads, develop additional real estate related revenue streams to create a more secure business, or want additional tools that will set yourself apart from your competition?

Although I would like to work with real estate agents that work in any market niche, I have listed the ones that I am most involved with below.
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During and After the 2008 - 2009 market meltdown:
SRES Designated Agents or
Agents That Work with 
Downsizing Clients
Are you an agent that works with home owners that want to "downsize" and move to living arrangements that better fit their current needs?

Would you like to provide multiple solutions for your clients and set your services apart from your competition?

Real Estate 
Agent / Investors
Are you a real estate agent that works with investors or also buys/invests yourself?

Would you like to be able to offer your sellers multiple solutions when they sell their house?

Would you like to have greater access to funds to be able to purchase great deals yourself instead of just getting paid a commission from the end buyer?

Military / Veteran
Affiliated Agents
Are you a real estate agent that caters to the military or veteran community?

Would you like to set yourself apart from your agent competition by being able to offer your clients multiple solutions when they want to sell a house?

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