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Attention Real Estate Investors, Home Buyers, and Real Estate Entrepreneurs !!
Discover how to be THE recognized authority serving home sellers that want the fastest, easiest way to sell their house "as is" in todays cluttered, extremely competitive real estate market.

Hi, my name is Ben Souchek.  I am the owner and founder of The Sierra Group, LLC.  We are THE company that sellers call when they want to sell their house with the least amount of stress and hassle and in the Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska areas.

I have a very important message for you if you are in the business of helping home owners liquidate a house they no longer want.

If you want to be recognized as THE home buyer in your market, if you want to help more home sellers in less time, then you really need to hear my message for you.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you were competing against multiple other home buyers for the same deal?

Have you ever spoke to a seller, met with them, thought you had provided a good solution, and then found out that they sold the house, possibly for less than you offered, to another home buyer?

If you've said yes to any one of those questions, then what I have to offer is definitely for you.

That's why I want to talk to you about my Total Home Solutions program for home buying companies.

The Total Home Solutions program is designed only for home buyers that also have a real estate license.

If you are not a licensed agent, then I wish you the best, but this program is not for you.

(If you're not licensed, I would sincerely ask you to consider getting a real estate license.  You can ask me about the multiple reasons I have one).

If you would like to learn more, email me at [email protected]

Now, I want to be able to provide my Total Home Solutions benefits to more home owners that want to sell their house, and at the same time provide you with the tools and opportunity to provide these services to your clients while earning a better living for yourself.

Would you like to work the same amount of time or less, but help more home sellers?

Would you like to provide services and solutions that set you apart from your competition, making you the only logical choice a seller would want to work with?

Would you like to be able to provide sellers with multiple solutions to sell their house, provide the positives and negatives of each solution, so that no matter what solution they choose, they work with you!  And, you have the peace of mind to know that you are taking better care of your clients than any other home buyer would.

Would you like to be able to create tools that will allow you to "clone" yourself so that sellers get to know, learn about, and TRUST you without even meeting with you personally?

If you're ready to take the next step, just fill out the application at the bottom of this page, and email it to me at [email protected]

If you're still not convinced of getting involved with my Total Home Solutions program, I'd like to go over a few other benefits we offer.

First, you will have my assistance in building your potential seller lists, if you would like assistance.

I will provide you with my marketing assistance and tools to generate leads, which has been the key to being able to be in business for over 20 years.

You will have the rights to my Secrets to Sell My House book that I've created.

You will also have my personal ongoing support.

These items will give you the ability to set yourself apart from your competition, create authority and credibility in your market area, and reinforce why you are THE real estate professional to contact when someone is thinking of selling a house.

Additionally, the leads that come through our web site in your area may be shared with you (ask me for the details on this benefit).

In closing, if you think you would be a good fit for our program, contact me today.  I'm only looking to work with one home buying company from your area, and we will be contacting all eligible companies, so contact me today if you have any interest in working with me!

If you're ready to take the next step, fill out the application at the bottom of this page, and email it to me at [email protected]

Lets get your business to the next level, and most importantly, lets help home owners that want to sell their house with the solution that is best for them.

Best Wishes,

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