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Don't Miss Out On Our Home Downsizing Consultation Special!

Want to Sell Your House & Downsize ?

We Can Provide A Customized Consultation
To Make The Transition To A New Home or Apartment...

Without The Stress or Hassles!

How Our Consultation Works


Connect With A Local Expert Senior Downsizing Advisor


Discuss Your Personalized Downsizing Goals


Generate A Customized Downsizing Solution

During Your Consultation:
We Will Provide The Support You Need
For Your Downsizing Journey!

(Value: Priceless!)


We can assist with locating the right senior living options & communities


We can help find the right moving & estate sale resources

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We can provide multiple options to get your house SOLD on your schedule

And Provide You With Valuable Resources
To Make Your Move Easier!

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$25 Moving Supplies
Gift Certificate

(Value: $25)

One thing you will need, no matter how you sell your house, are boxes, bubble wrap, etc. This will help.

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Home Value
Market Analysis

(Value: $47)

Understand the value of your house, in the current market environment, in its "as is" and "potential" condition.

FREE Home Staging Consultation.png

Home Staging

(Value: $97)

We will provide you with detailed information on how potential buyers will see your house, and items that could or should be repaired or updated to bring the house up to its full potential.

If you or a family member are serious about selling your house and downsizing, I feel that it's my obligation to provide all the help I can to make the transition to a smaller home, apartment, or senior community as stress and hassle free as possible for you.

Here's How our Home
Downsizing Consultation Will Help...

As I mentioned previously, I created Home Downsizing Solutions' parent company, The Sierra Group, LLC, over 25 years ago. We have purchased hundreds of houses direct from sellers, and assisted hundreds of other home owners with a traditional sale of their house.

After providing solutions for hundreds and hundreds of house sellers, I DISCOVERED A SECRET!

The problem with most traditional real estate agents and home buying companies, is that they only offer one solution to a home seller. This bias is not in YOUR best interest.

That's why our Home Downsizing Consultation will provide you with multiple solutions to serve you better!

Our Home Downsizing Consultation will provide the peace of mind home sellers like you want and deserve, and provide a home selling solution that is right for you.

Taking action now will give you the information you need to relax, knowing you are moving in the right direction to sell your house and transition to your new home.

Here's Just the Tip of the
Iceberg of What You Will Receive...

  • You'll know and understand the value of your house in the current market environment.
  • You'll understand how potential buyers will look at your house, and what they look for.
  • You'll understand exactly what your options are to sell your house and the best solution for your specific situation.
  • ​You'll have the peace of mind knowing that you are in CONTROL of the sale of your house.
  • ​When you have sold your house, think about how good it will feel to be in your new home.
  • ​When your house is sold, think of how much better your life will be to enjoy.
  • ​See yourself enjoying your new home and knowing that Home Downsizing Solutions and the Home Downsizing Consultation Package was able to help make the transition stress and hassle free.
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The Home Downsizing
Customized Consultation

Our Home Downsizing Consultation Is Much More Than Just A Typical Real Estate Agent Presentation...

The Information And Resources We Provide Will Empower You To Make The Move To A New Home or Apartment With Less Stress & Hassles!

What Would Your Life Look Like If Your House Was SOLD And You Were Already In Your New Home?

  • What if you didn't have to worry about house repairs and maintenance?
  • What if you didn't have to worry about mowing a lawn or other yard work?
  • What if the cost of utilities were lower?
  • ​And what if the transition to this better lifestyle was stress and hassle free?

Need More Information Before You Make Your Decision?

Let Me Go Over All the Incredible Stuff You'll Receive
When You Get our Home Downsizing Consultation Today!

The Home Downsizing Consultation is designed to help you (or your loved one) transition from your current home to your new home, apartment community, or other senior living accommodations.

With our Personalized Custom Consultation, we'll take you by the hand and provide:

  • How much is my house worth?
  • ​ What do I need to do to sell my house? ​
  • ​What are my Options to Sell my house? ​
  • ​What do I do with all the "stuff" in the house that I don't want or can't take with me?
  • ​ ​Do I need to do repairs and updates to my house in order to sell?
  • ​ ​Is there anyone that can assist me with moving? ​
  • ​Is there someone that can assist me with finding a new home or apartment community? ​
  • ​Can I sell my house, but stay in my house until my new home or apartment is ready?
  • ​ How to find a TRUSTED real estate professional that can provide the best solution to get my house sold

I'm committed to keeping the Home Downsizing Consultation priced so low, that anyone can have access to this incredibly important premium service.

I see firsthand how home sellers, especially those wanting to downsize, wait for the right new home or apartment to come on the market, then worry about how they are going to get their house sold, make the move to their new home, and handle all of the items that the process and transition entails without getting overwhelmed.

My Home Downsizing Consultation will give you the peace of mind to help you with that transition!

And, For a Limited Time...

Get FREE Access to the Exclusive, Members Only...
Home Downsizing Vault!!

Free Tools and Resources to Help You Downsize

  • Tips when thinking of Downsizing
  • ​ Steps when Downsizing ​
  • ​Checklists needed when Downsizing ​
  • ​The Declutter Challenge
  • ​ How to prepare your house for sale
  • ​ ​The multiple options available to sell your house ​
  • ​What you need to know on your journey to Downsize to a new home!

Tips, Tools, Videos, and Resources Are Being Added Weekly !

Is There A Guarantee?

I'm so confident in the results (and peace of mind) that the Home Downsizing Consultation Package will provide, that I'm willing to stick my neck out here today.

When you reserve your Home Downsizing Consultation Package today, I will completely guarantee your investment.

If you don't think you receive at least Ten times the value of the Package from your Consultation, I will fully refund your purchase, no questions asked!


Just click on the Upgrade button below, and you're all set!

Don't worry... you'll have all the time you need to schedule your consultation. There's no rush. We will accommodate YOUR schedule and timeframe.

But make sure you take advantage of this offer TODAY!  This won't be available anywhere else or at this price!

I Guarantee This Will Be The Best $47 You Invest If You Or A Loved One Is Considering Selling Your House & Downsizing!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and watching the video, and I look forward to assisting with your home downsizing journey.

Get your Home Downsizing Consultation Package today!

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